Exemption Help is Here!

Liberty and Health Alliance is committed to helping you make the best spiritual and health choices by providing quality information and resources. Below you will find resources that you can modify and use for your specific situation, whether it is a challenge with employment or education. There is no doubt we are in a crisis in our world that calls for defenders of liberty to arise and serve those in need. If the following information is insufficient, please reach out to us, via our contact form, and we will do what we can.

What you will find below:

  • First, an important disclaimer to read.
  • Second, we have Three sample letters that you can provide to your employer or school. Please change and update to your specific situation as necessary.
  • Third, you will find a brief Bible Study (mentioned in the letter) that you can attach to your request for accommodation.
  • Fourth, we’ve added a letter for pastors to use to help attest to one’s sincerely held religious belief.
  • Finally, there will be several documents that can help you as you continue to research this issue.

We aim to be Biblically and scientifically accurate. While God’s word never changes, the winds of scientific research constantly do. Please feel free to contact us if you find any errors or updates that we need to address. Thank you and God bless you in your pursuit of liberty!


The below letters are provided to you to give to your employer/supervisor/school faculty. It is important that you read and understand the letter and be certain that it fits your beliefs and your situation. Text enclosed in brackets “[ ]” must be edited to fit your specific situation.

Give careful consideration to claiming that to the best of your belief that you have had COVID. There have been myriads of standards for diagnosing COVID, at times, the only diagnosis being “presumptive.” Given the confusion regarding COVID, you should not hesitate to state, “to the best of your belief,” if that truly is to the best of your belief. If you have additional reasons for objecting, you should seriously consider including them in this letter, as well. Besides the objections and rights raised in this letter, you may have additional rights under both federal and state law. You should research those rights for yourself, and you should, if possible, obtain an attorney to assist you in raising those rights and appropriate objections.

The purpose of this letter is to require your employer/school to either cease asking you to receive the vaccination or enter into a process to see if you can be accommodated in your non-vaccinated state. Reasonable accommodations can be anything that allows you to keep working, whether from home or subject to reasonable restrictions. What is reasonable will have to be determined on a case-by-case basis.

If your employer decides to determine whether they can reasonably accommodate you, and if that process does not appear to be thoughtful or fair, it may become imperative for you to obtain an attorney to file a lawsuit against your employer. Remember, the law varies by country/state/region, and you should determine if there are any State laws you can rely upon. Nothing in this letter, on our website, or our publications should be construed as legal advice, nor should the fact that you were provided with this letter and that you may or may not have relied upon this letter as constituting the establishment of an attorney-client relationship. You have rights under the law, and if you can find and afford one, you should hire an attorney.

Sample Letters

These exemption letters are only a sample that you can adapt to your current situation. Please download them and edit them as needed. Make it as professional as possible, and perhaps have an educated and trusted loved one look it over before submitting. Make sure you include the date, your signature, and contact information. And keep a copy.

Exemption Letter 1: Employment

? Preview

Exemption Letter 2: Employment – Hostile Work Environment

? Preview

Exemption Letter 3: Education

? Preview

Bible Study & Health Enclosures

Believe it or not, there are many who still deny others the freedom to have a conscientious, moral, or religious concern about medical choices such as receiving the COVID vaccine. They argue that what you choose to put in your body is not a spiritual matter. The Bible lays that doubt to rest, and so the below Bible study on the subject of health will be very helpful in addition to the Medical Supplement. Seriously consider attaching them to your exemption letter or a Bible study of your own demonstrating your reasons for refusing the vaccine.

Religious Liberty Supplement

Medical Supplement

Pastoral Letters

Please see our blog post about whether you need a pastoral letter or not. The letters below will need to be customized to fit your specific situation. The first two are based on Seventh-day Adventist beliefs, and the third can be customized for any Christian Church. Again, see the blog post first before submitting, as well as the post about how Pastoral Letters are not legally required.

Adventist Parishioner – Local

Adventist Parishioner – Non-Local

General Christian

More Resources!

If you need help filling out Religious Exemption forms, see this blog HERE.

If you are told you need a Pastoral Letter, please see this blog HERE.

Here are a few additional resources that you can download in PDF format for printing/reading. Most of these can also be found as blog posts on this website. If you know of other resources that can help individuals in obtaining exemptions, please let us know.

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