Legal Update and Q&A-Answering your vaccine mandate questions!

Legal Update and Q&A with Attorneys, Jonathan Zirkle and Jonathon Cherne

Moderated by Scott Ritsema

Originally aired on Sunday at 5pm PST / 8pm EST. 

Liberty and Health Alliance has been hard at work on multiple fronts in defense of liberty of conscience. Now get the inside scoop from our attorneys on how best to handle the evolving vaccine mandate crisis – with confidence and faith.

Get your questions answered; tune in this Sunday, Sept. 26!

We’ll go LIVE on YouTube & Facebook Sunday evening. Please spread the word!


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  1. I lost my job 1-26-2022 because policy was made, after I was employed there a year, that we needed to get the covid shots or an exemption and if the exemption was granted, we would need to get weekly testing on our own time, at a place of our choosing and we would have to pay for it even though they had the ability on site to test us. The head of HR,Leslie Baker, on my exit interview, told me to be sure and sign up for unemployment as soon as possible, I said why, they would just fight it. She said they wouldn’t. I asked how she could be so sure. She said because she’s the one that deals with the unemployment issues. I then asked her what reason should I put down as I was not quitting and she said they were not firing me. She said a decrease in hours.
    So, I applied for unemployment and was given 20 weeks at $362 a week for a total of $7240 and I am being required to pay it all back. The paperwork I just received form unemployment, today, says that “Issues and sections of Michigan Employment (MES) involved: Misconduct and 29(1)(b). You were fired from Cassopolis Family Clinic on January 26,2022 for other company rules which is a violation of company policy.” I have no idea what this means, “Misconduct and 29(1)(b) and it was not on the paperwork received from unemployment. Unemployment also mentions in their letter “although you had not received past warnings, you were aware of the policy. Misconduct with the work has been established.”
    I want to protest the determination and am wondering if you can offer any advise as to how to respond.
    Thank you for you time and consideration to this matter whether you can assist or not.

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