The COVID: Coercion and Conscience Symposium was held at the Village SDA Church in Michigan in August 2021, featuring renowned speakers that cover topics such as prevention and early treatment, liberty of conscience, exemptions, and legal help. These videos have been censored and can be seen here on Liberty and Health Website, as well as on the Village SDA Rumble Channel. While we daily witness change as it relates to COVID, treatment, and vaccines, you will find the messages in this symposium to be timeless! Please share!

Here is the full schedule:
•Part 1 – Setting the Framework | Pastor Ron Kelly
•Part 2 – The COVID-19 Vaccination: Concerns, Challenges, and Questions | Dr. Peter McCullough
•Part 3 – Liberty and Health Alliance: An Introduction| Dr. Peter McCullough, Dr. Lela Lewis, Att. Jonathan Zirkle, and Scott Ritsema
•Part 4 – Unthinkable | Dr. Conrad Vine
•Part 5 – Employment Law and the COVID-19 Vaccination | Professor Bruce Cameron
•Part 6 – Coercion, Conscience, and Courage | Pastor Ron Kelly
•Part 7 – Panel Discussion | Peter McCullough, Lela Lewis, John Kelly, Joyce Choe, Conrad Vine, and Ron Kelly
•Part 8 – Legal Issues Relating to Employer Mandates and Religious Exemptions | Atty. Matthew Staver
•Part 9 – COVID Coercion and Character | Ronald Knott

You can obtain the videos and slides also by going to:


Part 2 Slide Presentation


Part 4 Slide Presentation

Part 5 Slide Presentation



Part 8 Slide Presentation